Anti-Aging for Your Eyes

Anti-Aging for Your Eyes
1Eye cream
4Cold compresses

The eyes are often the first part of the face to show visible signs of aging. Combine years of facial expressions like smiling and squinting with the fact that this skin is nearly 10 times thinner than other skin on the face, and you have a recipe for skin damage in the form of etched-in lines, wrinkles and sagging. The eye area is also affected by the loss of facial fat that occurs with age, in turn accentuating dark circles and making the eyes look hollow. But fret not… There are a variety of ways to minimize visible aging around the eyes, including a few that you probably didn’t expect.

#1 Eye Cream
Eye cream is an essential part of any anti-aging skincare regimen. The key is finding a formula tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re concerned about wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness. The hydration from an eye cream alone helps plump up fine lines, and specialty ingredients like light-diffusing pigments can instantly brighten the entire eye area. For day, choose an eye cream with SPF (or make sure your moisturizer offers sun protection) to prevent further skin damage that contributes to an aged appearance.

#2 Injectables
Though not for everyone, injectables can turn back the effects of time in minutes. Botox and Dysport are a guaranteed way to smooth crow’s feet fast, while fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane can fill in undereye hollows instantly (and last for six months or more).

#3 Antihistamines
Dark circles aren’t just caused by fatigue—allergies and fluid accumulation may play a role without you even knowing it. Taking a daily antihistamine can help keep fluids on the move, and keep darkness and puffiness at bay.

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#4 Cold Compresses
If you wake up to puffy eyes due to too much salt or alcohol, fatigue, crying or anything else for that matter, relief is as close as a cold compress. Whether you use a washcloth soaked in ice water, cold tea bags that have been previously seeped or patches made just for the eye area (keep them in the fridge for extra de-puffing), this is a great way to reduce swelling fast.

#5 Sunglasses
When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better, at least if you want to protect this delicate area from the aging effects of the sun. Most of us are afraid to apply sunscreen too close to our eyes, but big sunglasses ensure your skin (and eyes) are protected.

More Ways to Look Younger
There’s no reason to stop with your eye area. Get your skin to glow more, stop aging from the neck down, stop skin discoloration and avoid 5 typical beauty blunders while giving your skin the oxygen it needs.

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