Which Are The Most Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips?

Which Are The Most Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips?

Every skin care junkie needs to know the 5 most effective anti-aging skin care tips we’re going to share with you today. While there are plenty of anti-aging skin tips floating around the web, these 5 anti-aging skin tips might surprise you!

5 Most Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Stop Drinking With a Straw

This one might disappoint some people, but the science is pretty sound. Basically, when you suck on a straw, you purse your lips over and over, which can create wrinkles over time. It’s similar to how you develop frown lines on your forehead from excessive frowning.

It turns out that smoking causes wrinkles not just because of the toxic free radical damage, but because of the repeated motions that facial skin makes when smoking.

Try More Fermented Foods

A fermented food is a type of food produced by the action of microorganisms. When natural bacteria feed on the starch and sugar in foods, lactic acid is created, which leads to beneficial enzymes and healthy bacteria.

Healthy bacteria help your immunity cells fight diseases and it even aids with the proper digestion of food. Having good bacteria also helps your body keep your body supplied with all of the nutrients that it healthy skin thrives on.

Get More Protein

As we age, free radicals get into our body in numerous ways. Our telomeres (bundles of DNA in every body cell) shrink over time. However, protein has been found to prevent telomere damage and even help restore length back to older telomeres.

Plant-based diets are great! But make sure you are substituting meat with some other form of protein in order to keep your skin looking young.


This is almost like cheating. While exercise can be an inconvenience, a nuisance, and perhaps just not interesting, its benefits are simply unmatched. It turns out that we are not bound by our age. We have a lot of say in how our bodies develop over time.

But exercise isn’t just another one of those anti aging skin care tips, exercise literally improves almost everything about the way your body and mind function.  

Use Effective Anti-Aging Products

While all of the anti aging skin care tips we mentioned in this article are incredibly useful, using an effective anti aging product can help you combat aging with full force. For example, this stem cell serum uses cutting edge technology to help renew, rejuvenate, and even reverse aging skin.

Adore Cosmetics represents innovation in anti-aging to bring you unsurpassed beauty at any age – and it’s yours exclusively to adore.

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