Which Celebrities Are More Likely to Still Look Great 20 Years from Now?

Which Celebrities Are More Likely to Still Look Great 20 Years from Now?

Who doesn’t want to look great 20 years from now, right?  Although predicting the future is always tricky, but there are certain celebrities who have great potential for staying young! We should be taking advice from them and following every single one of their steps, that’s for sure.

That’s why we created our list of Celebrities More Likely to Still Look Great 20 Years from Now:


She first burst on the scene as a baby-faced Disney star and has recently transitioned into pop stardom. Her first advantage is that she was born with a natural baby face. She always looked younger than she was, even as a child. Her second advantage is that she already has a detailed skincare regimen in place despite being only 24. She told Allure magazine that she will “
put a little bit of moisturizer on it, not tons, because I have really oily skin.” She’s right to use moisturizer but not necessarily right about moisturizer being bad for oily skin. The key with moisturizer is to pick one with ingredients that fit your skin type. A moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid or non-oily ingredients will keep your skin hydrated without promoting problems. Selena also religiously takes off her makeup every night and uses masks and humidifiers to keep her skin fresh.


This former champion gymnast (a 2008 gold and silver medalist). While the same age as Selena (24), Shawn is just as wise beyond her years when it comes to skin care. She kicks off each day with an exfoliating cleanser and uses an excellent moisturizing cream. She then follows up with a primer that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both excellent sunscreen ingredients that are crucial to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Shawn also uses makeup wipes to remove makeup every night, but then cleans her skin once again, moisturizes and adds an eye cream to fight wrinkles to the mix ( also a rock-solid recommendation since eye wrinkles are often among the first to form). So, if you want to look great 20 years from now, follow Shawn’s steps!

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This former kid’s star (Victorious) is making the transition to adult stardom. Like many celebrities, she favors products like the Laura Mercier line and Burt’s Bees to keep her lips smooth and supple. Victoria also follows her mom’s example and doesn’t smoke or tan, uses moisturizer regularly and gives her face a nice dewy look with a rosewater/glycerin spray before she goes out. At 23, she seems to have a very solid skin care foundation to build on for the next 20 years.


Of course, it’s not just female celebrities who are smart about skincare. The superstar singer is 38 but is apparently well-known for his devotion to skin care. In fact, he recently proved it in a series of Snapchat videos. He uses a well-known acne cleanser, then an infusion serum based on gemstones, an eye cream, and then a different gemstone-based skincare product in what he calls his “crucial necessity zones” before finishing off with a setting spray. This is all well and good, but it seems like Mayer may be missing a good sunscreen in his daily routine. That said, this kind of energy put into skin care suggests Mayer could still look great at age 58.


There’s no question that the Thor and Ghostbusters star hits the gym a lot, definitely a good idea, since exercise in general helps with skin care along with overall health. But he doesn’t stop with throwing around iron: reports indicate that Chris routinely uses an exfoliating cleanser, an SPF 50 sunscreen and a well-formulated moisturizer, all of which suggests the 33 year-old will be equally as handsome at 53.

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