10 Beauty Hacks for the Lazy Girl

10 Beauty Hacks for the Lazy Girl
You love looking good, but maybe you’re way too lazy to put time into it—or too busy. No problem. Looking good stat is certainly possible. Here’s how.

#1 Keep Face Wipes on Your Nightstand
Is cleansing your face too much to ask of you at night? It’s a skincare NO-NO to leave your makeup on during the night. Wipes are a shortcut for the lazy girl, so now there’s no excuse. Use one for the eyes and another couple for your face, and start counting sheep in no time.

#2 Dry Your Hair with a T-Shirt
Speed up your hair routine by using a T-shirt to dry your hair, instead of a towel. Believe it or not, T-shirts are way more absorbent and they will do a great job in much less time.

#3 Try a Dry Shampoo
Another fast way to dry hair is by using a dry shampoo. Simply buy a bottle of dry shampoo and spray some down to your roots. Massage your scalp for a couple of minutes. Finally, brush off the excess powder and voilà!

#4 Spot-Conceal Blemishes
Too lazy for a full face of foundation? Then only spot-conceal blemishes and blend out concealer with a beauty sponge to soften the transition with the rest of your skin. This will even out your complexion in only a couple of minutes.

#5 Quick Cat-Winged Eye with a Credit Card
Too lazy to take the time to master the cat winged eye, huh? Use a credit card to guide you when drawing the winged eye. You will get a professional result with an effortless technique!

#6 Number “3” Is All You Need to Remember for Contouring.
Instead of taking the time of watching another contouring tutorial, use our little hack! All you need to remember is the number 3. Apply matte bronzer in a 3 shape going from your temples, passing underneath your cheekbones and ending right below your jawline. Apply highlighter as if you were drawing a 3 as well. Start above the inner corner of your eyebrows, go down to the inner corner of your eye, then the undereye area, and finally ending over your jawline.

#7 Curl Your Lashes and Line Your Eyes, All at Once
Why do 1 thing if you can get 2 done at the same time, right? Apply some liquid eyeliner to the edge of your lash curler. Then curl your lashes as usual, and the liquid eyeliner will create a very thin line on your top lashline.

#8 Stop Buying Eyeliner
If you’ve run out of eyeliner, use mascara, it can do double duty. Simply use an angled brush to pick up some product and line your eyes as usual.

#9 Spray Your Bobby Pins with Hairspray
Re-fixing your hair all day long doesn’t sound like you, does it? All you need to do is spray some hairspray on your bobby pins and they will stay put until the evening.

#10 Use Your Fingers Instead of Makeup Brushes
A lazy girl doesn’t need all those makeup brushes to look fabulous. Your fingertips are a great alternative. Cream or powder foundation and eyeshadow will warm up with your fingertips’ temperature, allowing to work with the product easily and get the most of it too.

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