3 Ways to Stop Neck-Down Aging

3 Ways to Stop Neck-Down Aging
1Horizontal lines and creases
2Crepey skin texture
4Lack of radiance
5vertical bands

Age-related changes to the neck usually appear by the mid-40s, and the main cause is neglect, plain and simple. Odds are you skipped the sunscreen on this area more times than not, and accumulated sun damage causes loss of elasticity, changes in texture and an overall aged appearance.

The number-one way to maintain your neck’s youthful appearance is to extend your facial skincare routine down to your décolletage—and if you’ve been making the mistake of stopping at your jawline, now’s the time to stop. This includes cleansing, and all other products you may use including toner, serums, moisturizer and most importantly, sunscreen.

The Top 3 Ingredients to Look for

#1 Plant Stem Cells
Abundant in young skin, stem cells help the skin ward of the effects of environmental damage by creating new, fresh cells. Their production slows with age, but supplementing the skin with plant stems cells can jump-start stem cells and increase the production of new, fresh cells and restore a firmer, smoother, more youthful appearance. Find out the truth about Adore Cosmetics and the science behind the skincare on this review at Jess Oshii.

#2 Vitamin E
A potent antioxidant, vitamin E helps ward off visible signs of neck aging caused by free radical damage and improve the appearance of fine lines, creases and crepey texture. Vitamin E also nourishes the skin and restore its healthy glow.

#3 Allantoin
Moisture is key for plumping up lines and wrinkles—and promoting healthy skin. Allantoin does a great job at balancing and maintaining the skin’s hydration and has a soothing effect as an added bonus.

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