6 Celebrities with the Most Flawless Skin in Hollywood

6 Celebrities with the Most Flawless Skin in Hollywood

We may think celebrities have effortlessly flawless skin 24/7. For some, this is the result of Photoshop, great makeup, flattering lighting and luxury products. Others simply have been blessed with good genes or enjoy the fruits from taking their skincare regime very seriously.

Be inspired by these 6 celebrities showing off the most flawless skin both in front of and behind the camera

#1 Jennifer Lopez

That coveted J.Lo glow makes us all sigh. Wherever she goes, the 47-year-old performer and fashion designer always looks airbrushed. Each and every time Jennifer Lopez walks the red carpet, it’s nearly impossible to stop staring at the star’s perfectly dewy complexion. You simply can’t help but wonder: how could anyone look like that? JLo described her skincare routine as low-key to InStyle. She also shared that the secrets to her radiance are getting 8-10 hours of sleep per night and keeping her body and mind in sync.

#2 Rihanna

Granted, this Barbadian singer and songwriter is still only on her late ’20s, but she made our list nonetheless because she has always been admired for her glowing skin. In spite of popular belief, Rihanna told Elle Magazine that her skin is far from perfect. What’s her secret then? Less alcohol, lots and lots of water, and mixing moisturizer with a drop of foundation.

#3 Erin Heatherton

Baby-faced supermodel Erin Heatherton was just announced as the new face of Adore Cosmetics and says her day-to-day routine is based on her love of organic and quality ingredients in her skincare. Heather told InStyle that she keeps it simple with a cleanser, exfoliator, and serum, plus a moisturizer, overnight cream, or mask depending on the season. We uncovered that her favorites include Adore Cosmetics’ Calming Body Peeling Scrub and the Essence Facial Hydrating Cream for Normal to Dry Skin

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#4 Lucy Liu

Thank to good genes and some discipline, Lucy Liu’s skin always looks stunning and ageless. At 44, she credits her incredible complexion to staying well-hydrated, keeping her skincare routine simple and natural to suit her delicate skin, and scheduling monthly acupuncture sessions for overall health.

#5 Heidi Klum

You’d be amazed at what Heidi Klum’s number one skincare tip for a fresh radiant complexion is! She confessed to Self Magazine, that her secret to youth is NOT being too skinny. “When you are just muscle, you end up being gaunt in the face, and that makes you look older by 5 or 10 years.” Bet you didn’t see that one coming from a former supermodel!

#6 Charlize Theron

The beautiful South African actress and mother of two looks 30 at 41 thanks to her adorable skin. Her secret is following a strict skincare routine. However, Charlize Theron has admitted that motherhood keeps her so busy these days that it has also impacted her beauty regime. Her solution? She now sets some time away from it all at night to pamper herself.

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