7 Beauty Sins

7 Beauty Sins
If beauty had a Bible, then these would be its 7 deadly sins. Trends may come and go, but we’re certain you should live by these recommendations… for they will remain the biggest DON’Ts in beauty for years to come.

7 Beauty Sins to Avoid

#1 Gluttony

Don’t overdo it! The trick to makeup is to enhance your features, not cover them up. If you’re not careful, you can very easily fall into the application overload trap. There’s a very thin line between looking “put together” and “kind-of-clownish” that we should be aware of and never cross.

For a natural look, try building up your makeup in very thin layers. Use the tiniest amount of product with each layer. This way you will avoid looking cakey, over the top, or even vulgar! Think chic: less is definitely more!

#2 Wrath

Be patient … or you can make it worse! Don’t go crazy on the liner in an attempt to getting the perfect winged eye, only to ruin your entire eye look. Never go full-fury when exfoliating, or you will irritate your skin. Don’t be mad at your brows, or you will over-pluck them! You get the picture.

Just keep calm, don’t lose your temper if something goes wrong and enjoy every moment of your beauty regime.

#3 Greed

Are you a beauty hoarder? We need to fix that! A big makeup, skincare and hair product collection is perfectly understandable. Every girl dreams of it. But desperately hoarding beauty products won’t do it for you.

Try keeping only products you like and actually use and swap, donate or give away the rest. This will prevent you from using expired creams, mascara or foundation, keep you from overspending on stuff you don’t need — or already have but can’t find — and help you declutter your beauty routine.

#4 Sloth

Being lazy isn’t pretty. And it certainly won’t do much for your beauty regime. The most beautiful women in the world have one thing in common: discipline and consistency. Don’t be tempted to go to bed with your makeup on, floss, stick to a skincare routine that works for you morning and evening and don’t skip the gym! Set your own realistic beauty goals, and follow through with small baby steps every single day. You will love the results!

#5 Lust

Every beauty junkie loves trying out new makeup, hair or skincare products. But in that never-ending search for the perfect ones for you, don’t get carried away! You don’t want to be regretting a long list of impulse purchases that max out your credit card.

Instead, be picky. Do your research, read several reviews and maybe get a hold of a sample first.

#6 Pride

Being in a constant state of learning new beauty tips, techniques and accepting constructive criticism is a great way to continuously improve your makeup skills and your skincare knowledge. Things change and we grow and evolve with the feedback and experience of others.

Never be too proud to reach out to others or to research new trends. There really isn’t such a thing as knowing it all.

#7 Envy

Thou shall not covet others’ makeup looks and flawless skin. Envy is such an unflattering and unattractive state of mind. Bad emotions will block you and prevent you from growing. Being inspired by, feeling admiration for and learning from others is a much more positive attitude that will make you more beautiful, skillful and unstoppable!

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