8 Beauty Myths and Flat-out Lies You May Believe

8 Beauty Myths and Flat-out Lies You May Believe

Ahhhh, beauty gossip! From our mothers, to our friends and beauticians, everyone helps spread out false rumors about endless beauty tips and theories that couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Lucky you, we’ve got your back, and have put together a list of the 8 most frequently talked-about beauty myths that don’t hold up to reality.

8 Beauty Myths and Flat-out Lies You May Believe

#1 Don’t cleanse your face if you have a dry skin type: 

This is so false! What has dryness got to do with dirt, bacteria, pollution or makeup residues? Even if your skin is dry, you still need to cleanse it every day. The trick is to find a gentle hydrating cleanser to do the job.

#2 Washing your hair every day makes it healthier: 

Actually, it doesn’t! You need to wash your hair at the right frequency for your lifestyle. In other words, when it’s oily or dirty. All that washing your hair every single day will accomplish is dried out hair.

#3 Getting periodic haircuts will speed up your hair growth: 

We’ve all been told this time and time again. But hair grows from the root, not the ends. So trimming your hair will help you with split ends, but it won’t do anything for your hair’s length.

#4 Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer: 

Really?! Think again! Oily skin is a result of sebum overproduction, drying it out won’t work for you. Not hydrating your skin, will actually cause it to produce even more oil!

#5 You may skip sunscreen on cloudy days: 

If you can’t see the sun, it can’t hurt you, right? So wrong! 80% of UV rays can penetrate the clouds and damage your skin just like any other sunny day.

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#6 Makeup causes acne: 

No, it doesn’t! But laziness may cost you a breakout or two. What’s bad for your skin is not taking the time to properly cleanse and hydrate your skin before going to bed or picking the wrong makeup for your skin type.

#7 You only need to start using anti aging skincare once the first signs appear: 

We hope you didn’t fall for this one! The sooner you start introducing skincare products with anti-aging ingredients, the more you will be helping prevent early signs of aging.

#8 Pump your mascara to get product out: 

Stop that right now! Unless you want to ruin your brand new mascara, quit pumping it to get product out. It will only dry it out. Instead, you can warm it up, by applying some friction to the tube between your warm hands.

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