8 Beauty Tips You Wish You’d Known as a Teenager

8 Beauty Tips You Wish You’d Known as a Teenager
#1 Don’t Over-Pluck Your Brows
Or follow any irreversible beauty trend for that matter! Before Cara Delevingne jumped to fame, thin brows were IN and a huge deal for every teenager. The thinner the better. The problem is someone forgot to mention that they rarely grow back. Or we didn’t care enough to listen. Now that they’re gone for good, we’ve all decided to appreciate and love them: the thicker the better! Isn’t it ironic? If there’s still time for you, do as we say but not as we did!

#2 Your Hair Products Affect Your Back’s Skin
Ever heard of bacne? One of the main causes of back acne is the residue left by your conditioner on your back as you rinse it off in the shower. To prevent these from clogging your pores and causing breakouts on your back, flip your hair to the front and rinse forward. Then make sure to cleanse your body one last time before stepping out of the shower.

#3 Don’t Tan After Waxing
Unless you want to have hyperpigmention in the waxed area (that you’ll need to invest heavily on to vanish away for the rest of your life) stay away from the sun after waxing and always apply sunscreen immediately after! Don’t skip that last step, even if you’re staying away from the sun. We promise, you won’t regret being extra cautious.

#4 Start Using Eye Cream, Before You See Any Lines!
Not old enough for eye cream? Guess again. Truth is you’re never too young for it! Your teenage years are a great time to get your skincare routine going, and include a great eye cream to delay those first wrinkles.

#5 You Don’t Need To Wash Your Hair Every Day
Sounds gross, we know. But your hair only needs to be washed when it’s dirty or greasy. Don’t make a habit of washing it every day just because or you will damage it. Find the right frequency for you according to your hair type and your lifestyle. By the way, this is the reason shower caps were invented!

#6 Don’t Use Alcohol to Dry out Pimples
The harsher the acne treatment the better, right? Wrong! The key is to achieve a balanced skin. Using alcohol will only cause the pimple to flake and your skin will produce even more oil to balance the effect of alcohol. But most importantly, alcohol ranks super high in the list of skin irritants.

#7 Don’t Use Cheap Foundation
At any age, using cheap foundation is a big NO-NO. You think you’re young and your skin is not complaining, but it probably will with time. Just like skincare, your foundation should be high quality. After all, you have them both on your face just about the same amount of time every single day!

#8 Never Go to Bed with Your Makeup on
You’re a teenager, you go out, have an awesome time and return completely exhausted. It happens. But you should avoid this as much as possible to prevent eye irritation and infection, broken eyelashes and breakouts.

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