What Are the Beauty Dos and Don’ts Before a Big date?

What Are the Beauty Dos and Don’ts Before a Big date?

While we can’t ensure a good outcome for your big date, we can most certainly help with some ideas. So to help you look good, here’s our list of Beauty Dos and Don’ts.

10 Beauty Dos and Don’ts before a Big Date


  • Do use a subtle bronzer for a light glow, just a light dusting will do the trick. The goal is glowing, but not glowing in the dark.
  • Use a bit of baking soda to exfoliate your lips. Then use a hydrating gloss that’s red, soft pink or nude so you end up with soft, kissable-looking lips.
  • Get that voluminous, sexy sheen with your hair by blending an avocado, 2 drops of almond oil and 2 drops of coconut oil. Apply this DIY hair treatment to damp hair, leave it in for 20 minutes and rinse out. This could work 2 days before the big date, with one treatment the day before and one the day of.
  • Do brush your skin with a firm-bristled brush before showering to get rid of dry skin.
  • Do use a makeup-setting spray like Urban Decay’s All-Nighter to avoid a makeup meltdown.


  • Don’t overuse the mascara and make sure it’s the clump-free type since heavy, spidery lashes won’t have him looking into your eyes in a good way.
  • Don’t overdo the perfume—less is definitely more in this case.
  • Don’t get any waxes the day before—you don’t know how your skin will react and you don’t want to have to apply heavy concealer over red, irritated skin.
  • Don’t go for the red carpet smoky eye—too much. Try a medium gray shadow instead.
  • Don’t get a spray tan the day of or the day before—there’s just too much that can go wrong. A simple bronzer can be much better.
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