5 Beauty Hacks for a Big Event: How to Get Extra Gorgeous

5 Beauty Hacks for a Big Event: How to Get Extra Gorgeous
The big day is coming soon—or maybe it’s here and you have to get ready ASAP. The first thing to keep in mind is to relax and focus on the wonderful parts of life – it’ll help keep your blood pressure down and your skin looking smooth so you can feel & look terrific on the big day (and always!). So let’s talk beauty hacks for a big event that the majority of us can apply before an important day or night. Here are our faves.

5 Beauty Hacks for a Big Event: How to Get Extra Gorgeous

#1 De-Bloat with a Quick Bath

The stunning Jennifer Lawrence soaks in Epsom salts before awards shows so she can wear slinky dresses with no fear of bloating. So stop by the pharmacy, pick up the Epsom salts and soak for a bit.

You’ll help relax the nerves while drawing out excess fluids so your form-fitting dress is even more form-fitting. You can do some gentle exfoliating for a sweet glow while you’re in the tub, too.

#2 Conceal Strategically

Apply the concealer with a triangle shape by starting at the inner corner and going down towards the cheek in a triangle shape, instead of a half moon. Got red blemishes? Hide them with a green concealer instead of a yellow one. Get all our pro concealer tricks here and read about nontouring vs contouring here.

#3 Pick One

While the temptation is to gravitate towards making both our lips and eyes look glamtastic, the beauty consultants from Adore Cosmetics say that you have to pick one because both are too much. So either go with the smoky eye or the bold red lips, but not both. A black kohl pencil dotted along your lash line—before you apply mascara— may be all you need to heighten your eye area before showtime.
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#4 Prime Up

You want your skin to stay matte, so go easy on the moisturizer before and use a powerful primer to ensure that smooth look. This will help your makeup last longer instead of sweating off through the night.

 #5 Mask, Then Oxygenate

A sleeping (get plenty of sleep for more beautiful skin!) or overnight mask that you have successfully used before—and know does not cause irritation or make you break out—is good to use the night before, not the day of, so you can get maximum benefit.

The day of the event, celebrities like Madonna and J-Lo favor oxygen treatments—essentially O2 but infused with an antioxidant serum to promote smooth, youthful-looking skin. Try the Adore Cosmetics – Oxygen Booster Treatment Kit for a superstar-worthy pampering sesh. Gold skincare can also rev up your skin for a killer glow.
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