What are the Beauty Products that Hollywood Loves?

What are the Beauty Products that Hollywood Loves?

A celebrity’s skin and hair can be tested because of their constant traveling. Not to mention all the prep work. So most celebrities definitely know quite a bit about proper skin care and beauty treatments—it’s their job. The tricky part for us is separating fact from endorsement, since many celebs promote products that they may not ever use. But after some digging to get at the reality, we prepared a list of Beauty Products that Hollywood Loves.

4 Beauty Products That Hollywood Loves

#1 Adore Cosmetics – Golden Touch 24K Techno Dermis Facial Mask

Erin Heatherton swears by our award winning gold mask. Pure 24K gold calms and equalizes electrical energy of skin in the most delicate areas of your face and promotes deep renewal. Using this 24K gold mask, is known to restore youthful appearance by protecting your skin’s own stem cells and stimulate the regeneration of a more luminous texture.

#2 Benefit Benetint

This red tint from Benefit has earned rave reviews from the famous and non-famous alike.  Eva Mendes, Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman are among the celebrities that have stated that this is their favourite, because of its natural flushed look.

#3 Vaseline

Using petroleum jelly is a well-known beauty accessory for all kinds of folks, including famous ones. Tyra Banks loves it so much that when she had her own TV show, she gave each member of the studio audience a jar to take home. Jennifer Lopez and Nia Long both love it for its moisturizing effects and Halle Berry puts it on before lipstick to help her lips stay soft.

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#4 Epsom Bath Salt

Despite the name, this is a mineral compound consisting of sulcate and magnesium that gets its name from a town in England where it’s found in a natural saline spring. Celebrities use Epsom salt for aches and pains, the same way a lot of folks do. While some claim that the salt can help with arthritis, sunburn and psoriasis, there’s no solid evidence of this. However, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence use Epsom salt to reduce bloating before big red-carpet events and claim they get great results. And she’s not the only one: Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson all use this special “salt” as well.

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