3 Benefits of Gold Skincare You’ll Love

3 Benefits of Gold Skincare You’ll Love
You may have seen the photos on Instagram of Ricky Martin and other celebrities using 24-karat gold masks for their skin. So is this a wacky celebrity fad or a real treatment?

No way! We’ve already discussed how gold promotes healthy skin, gives it a splendid glow, and is an anti-aging wonder. Keep reading for more reasons to love and seek out gold in your skincare products and #AdoreYourself.

3 Benefits of Gold Skincare You’ll Love 

#1 Inflammation Reducer
According to dermatologists who use it in their practices, gold can help calm skin inflammation. This benefits us for obvious reasons, since irritated, flushed skin is not our goal.

#2 Antioxidant
There is some preliminary evidence to suggest that gold offers antioxidant benefits, say skin care scientists from Adore Organic Innovation, a company specialized in developing formulations from natural products like gold.

Again, very important, since skin aging is strongly related to the natural process of oxidation in which free radicals are produced. This is why skin care experts are unanimous in recommending topical antioxidants to promote fresh, radiant skin.

#3 Wrinkle Reducer
Other research suggests that gold-infused cosmetics can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This could be from a moisturizing effect and possibly gold’s inhibition of elastin breakdown in the skin, say Adore Cosmetics scientists.

Going beyond Ricky Martin, Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller, many beauty editors and regular folks who try gold masks seem to swear by them for helping their faces feel fresher, younger, more luminous and…as good as gold.

Reviews of Adore Cosmetics Gold Masks

Read this review on Glamour and this review on Spa Week of Adore Cosmetics’ Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask — an exclusive anti-aging mask with a unique combination of magnetic healing, pure gold power and proven age-defying plant stem cells to bring you incomparable health and renewed beauty — to find out more.

Our Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask was also featured in Byrdie as an “outrageously luxurious beauty product for the 1%” with “visible 24-karat gold sprinkles formulated to penetrate your skin, stimulate electromagnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians, and restore elasticity.” It was also featured in E! Online’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Outrageous Gifts Celebs Buy Other Celebs.

And if you’re worried about puffy eyes and dark circles, check out the Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Eye Mask from Adore Cosmetics featured in Martha Stewart Weddings as a must-have product to treat dark circles and puffy eyes before your wedding.  

Teen Vogue also featured our Golden Touch 24k Techno-Dermis Facial Mask in its “Best Splurge Beauty Holiday Gift Ideas 2016” as the perfect gift “for your friend who likes the fancy stuff,” and Refinery29 featured it in “The Beauty Products On The 1%’s Holiday Wish Lists.” It was also recommended in Luxury Listings NYC in their Luxe Life section. Watch a video review on TheInsideOutBeauty.
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