What Are The Best Long Lasting Makeup Tricks for Dry Skin?

What Are The Best Long Lasting Makeup Tricks for Dry Skin?

The best long lasting makeup tricks for dry skin revolve around preventing your skin from absorbing your makeup. Have you ever heard the expression, “My face ate my makeup?” Well, if you have dry skin, you probably understand perfectly.

Make up fades on dry skin mostly because of the lack of moisture, but you don’t have to over moisturize to make sure your make up goes from breakfast to boardroom to night on the town. Here are five ways to help your make up last and last.

Best Long Lasting Makeup Tricks

1. Moisturize and lock with primer.

Under any foundation, a primer over moisturized skin is key. While moisturizers soften skin, a primer prepares the skin for foundation. Primers also help smooth lines so foundation doesn’t get stuck in the crevices. Serums can also be used to prime your skin after moisturizing and before foundation.  We recommend Adore Cosmetics CellMax Elite Facial Serum.

2. Build up makeup products in layers.

This is the key to making sure your makeup stays put. It builds more coverage. We’re not talking about the YouTube craze 100 Layers of Makeup, but rather than applying one heavy layer of foundation, build a few layers of coverage. Stay away from drying matte formulas and even those labeled “normal” can dry out your skin. Dry skin’s best bet in a foundation? Look for “luminous” or “aqua,” which are both oil free, lightweight and long-wearing.

3. If you’d rather a lighter coverage than foundation, try a Beauty Balm.

Called BB creams, they really are an all in one – primer, moisturizer, sun screen, and toner. The balms offer special coverage as a tinted moisturizer, but have added benefits for dry skin. Just make sure you get the gentle, mineral-based kind. Don’t believe what you’ve heard, however. BB Creams can’t replace all of your other skin care and make up products.

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4. Add just a small touch of beauty oil to foundation

. Just smear a bit of Vaseline on eyelids and lips. Both the beauty oil and petroleum jelly are not heavy and will give the right amount of moisture to dry areas to make sure makeup stays on and on and on.

5. Once everything is complete, use a makeup setting spray.

Not only do these proven sprays keep makeup lasting for up to 16 hours, but they also ensure that foundations and powders don’t settle into fine lines.

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