Cosmetics: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

Cosmetics: Where to Save and Where to Splurge
You can call yourself a smart beauty shopper when you know when to go high end and when to hit the drugstore instead. Deal with it: you’re addicted…to looking fabulous! And the number one rule for surviving your beauty addiction—without breaking the bank—is knowing which makeup and skincare products are worth investing on and which ones are simply not. The good news is, you can still manage to have all those cosmetics on your wish-list by following the Adore Cosmetics quick beauty and skincare product guide.

Cosmetics: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

#1 Save on Mascara, Splurge on Eye Cream!
The best 2 things you can do for your eyes are keep bacteria away from them at all costs and take care of the sensitive skin area around them. Of all cosmetics, mascara is probably the one with the shortest lifespan. Sure, you can use many tricks to make your mascara last longer, but the healthier choice—for your eyes—is to be prepared to purchase a new mascara no matter the brand or price you paid for it, every 6 months or so. Fortunately, there are many amazing drugstore alternatives that will make your lashes look like falsies for a fraction of the price you would pay for a high end mascara.

Where to spend your money instead? High-end eye cream—it is so worth it! Remember that the first signs of aging show as fine lines around your eyes, where the most sensitive skin of your face is. Treat it gently and give it the love it deserves by splurging on an eye cream with the best formulation available.
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#2 Save on Eyeliner and Highlighter, Splurge on Eyeshadow Palette
You should go for a department store eye shadow palette over drugstore options with your eyes closed! Great pigmentation will not only help you achieve amazing looks, but also save on other items. Pick a palette with the right combination of matte and shimmer shades. That way they can be used as eyeliner and highlighter.
#3 Save on Powder, Splurge on Foundation
Basic drugstore loose translucent or pressed powder will do if you’re going for a matte finish or setting your makeup. But you can’t make the mistake of using cheap foundation. Everything that touches your delicate skin truly needs to be gentle and of the highest possible quality. Remember, it’s your canvas!
#4 Save on Blush, Splurge on Lipstick!
Lipstick alone can do the double duty for your lips and cheeks. So why spend more of your hard earned money? Take a 100% guilt free splurge on the most pigmented lipsticks and save on your blush!
#5 Save on Makeup Brushes, Splurge on a Makeup Blending Sponge
These days, many department store eyeshadow palettes already come with very decent double-ended brushes, and even your fingers could do a great job by warming up your makeup and achieving a smoother application. So don’t feel tempted to spend a small fortune on that sparkly brush set. Chances are you’ll do just fine without it. Besides, few foundation brushes will blend your foundation with the flawless finish of a beauty sponge. So make sure to splurge on the best one instead!
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