Don’t Fall for These 4 Beauty Fads

Don’t Fall for These 4 Beauty Fads
Unlike any other product, cosmetics have that unique ingredient that makes them absolutely irresistible: a fresh opportunity to feel more beautiful. With that in mind, some beauty products, treatments and trends have deceivingly played with our female Cinderella Transformation Syndrome. But relax: we’re here to open your eyes about 4 beauty fads you really should not fall for.
Unless you spent 2015 under a rock, you probably heard all about the Korean beauty trend. This trend quickly established Korean skincare as the ultimate synonym of flawless, even-toned and glowing skin. Korean models and celebrities showed off their dazzling complexions and we all instantly fell for what K-Beauty products and ALL their promises. The result? Aside from a boosted Korean economy, nothing truly distinctive resulted from the K-beauty trend. Simply put, Korean skincare products proved to not have any special ingredients to perfect skin whatsoever.
BB and CC Creams
Besides from the big Korean Hype, BB and CC creams were the next thing that almost all beauty brands launched and promoted during 2015. The internet exploded with reviews and we all wanted than ALL-IN-ONE skincare/foundation hybrid that would speed up our beauty routines. Who would have thought less than a year later, BB and CC creams would be a thing of the past. Eventually, many of us realized that these were much closer to being makeup than effective skincare products. And just like that, the veil was lifted.
Bird Poop Facial
The sky’s the limit when you’re obsessed with the latest beauty buzz. Some can even be kind of gross, but there’s always that idea that if we dare do what everyone else doesn’t, then we’ll have the secret to eternal beauty. With that kind of reward in mind, there’s always a woman up for the challenge—even if poop is involved.

This treatment promotes the use of Japanese nightingales droppings. Supposedly the birds were specially fed and then the poop was sanitized under UV light. The promise? A brighter skin, thank to the poop containing urea and guanine aminoacid. Besides the eww factor, how about the logic factor? When have you ever heard of bird poop being tested in clinical trials and producing better results than tried-and-true skincare superstars like microdermabrasion or glycolic acid exfoliation? You haven’t, because bird poop doesn’t really work.
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DMAE Supplements
Our last fad alert is about the intake of oral DMAE supplements (also known as dimethylaminoethanol), which has been quite aggressively promoted online as potent age-rewinders. The truth is that there’s little to no scientific proof of any of the benefits touted for it. On the contrary, studies have shown that DMAE may actually induce skin cell death, damaging the collagen production in our skin. So it’s probably best to pass on this one too!
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