7 Fast Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks

7 Fast Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks

Some days, there just isn’t time. Or you’re just not in the mood for the time and effort that it takes to glam up. We’ve all been there…and some of us are probably “there” a ton of the time. Fortunately, a number of good tricks can get you looking good in no time.

#1 Get Lippy
Use lipstick to add some color beyond your lips—use it on cheeks, brows and eye area. Then blend. Just your fingers should do the trick so you give your face a nice glow in one quick step.

#2 Get Set up Before Sleep
Before sleep, just use an overnight facial mask with moisturizing ingredients so you can wake up fresh-faced and skip that step, advise the skin care experts from Adore Organic Innovation For hair, just apply a lightweight styling cream to damp hair, make 2 pigtails and in the morning, undoing them will leave you with some dry, nice-looking waves.

#3 Layer on Some Light
Add some highlighter on top of your concealer or under your foundation to give yourself a radiant look, fast.

#4 Spot-Conceal
Instead of laying down a full foundation, just target bumps and blemishes with a concealer palette that fits your skin tone.

#5 Curl up
Mascara can take way too long, and there’s nothing like mascara mistakes to add stress when you’re in a hurry to get out the door. So just curl your lashes instead to give your eyes a nice look quickly without the layers that take work.

#6 Brow Down
Use two coats of clear mascara so you can help your eyebrows hold their shape without having to spend extra work on them.

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#7 Use a BB
A BB or beauty balm cream usually has a moisturizer, sunscreen and coverage in one. You can also go with a tinted moisturizer. Either way, you look good with one product and save time during your morning routine.

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