6 Frequent Makeup Mistakes

6 Frequent Makeup Mistakes

When you make a single makeup mistake, it can throw the whole look out of whack. With that in mind, we turned to the skincare and beauty researchers at Adore Cosmetics for help in identifying elements of many people’s makeup routines that can get out of sync.

#1 Light Concealer on Dark Complexions

Some women feel that a darker concealer will do a better job of hiding dark circles or blemishes. And while this may be true, it doesn’t do you much good if it sticks out like a sore thumb on your lighter skin tone. Matching your complexion as closely as possible is goal number one.

#2 Lipstick with No Lip Liner

Some people forget about lip liner, but it’s a critical step that defines the lips and sets them off from the rest of the face. Without it, your lipstick becomes a bit of a reddish blob in the middle of the face with little definition.

#3 Concealer without Powder

Concealer can be an important makeup step, but it can smear or settle in wrinkles without being set properly. Finishing powder is a critical addition to lock the concealer in place.

#4 Face Foundation without Neck and Shoulder Foundation

Another makeup mistake occurs when foundation is applied to the face but not to bare necks and shoulders. This inconsistency is easy to pick up on when you’re wearing something revealing, so make sure that it all matches up.

#5 Most Makeup without Proper Blending

Common makeup mismatches are bound to occur when elements like foundation, blush or eye shadow are streaky or have solid lines around their edges. Becoming a wizard of the brush takes a lot of practice, but it’s the key to avoiding these issues.

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#6 Makeup without Proper Skincare

Finally, the biggest mismatch of all can occur if you rely on makeup alone to fix any facial skin problems. All makeup routines need to be accompanied by an excellent skincare routine to keep your face looking its best.

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