Is Nontouring Better Than Contouring? Yes! (Here’s Why)

Is Nontouring Better Than Contouring? Yes! (Here’s Why)
Move over contouring, there’s something new in the makeup world. It’s called strobing or “nontouring,” and it’s pretty much the alter ego of the face-thinning contouring trend. A hot makeup trend of the last few years, contouring involves using darker foundations or concealer on the chin, neck, and areas close to the hairline, and lighter-colored foundations on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and areas where light hits in order to make the face look lean. So is nontouring better than contouring?

Strobing a.k.a. nontouring promotes a younger look by highlighting the tops of the cheeks and inner corners of the eyes. Strobing gives a soft, dewy appearance to make a person look younger.

Is Nontouring Better Than Contouring? Yes! (Here’s Why)

Here are some additional advantages of nontouring:
It’s simple
Compared to contouring, it’s a simple technique. To strobe, apply a primer followed by a light, dewy foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealer on areas where you need coverage. Then apply highlighter to the tip of your nose, the tops of your cheeks, and your brow bone. Voilà — you’re ready to roll.
It’s quicker
When done correctly, contouring can take 30 minutes or more. You can nontour in just a few minutes or less, using that extra time you have left every month (you’ll see how it adds up!) to read a book, take a class, or create something amazing (get creative!).
It’s cheaper
Contouring involves using a few different shades of foundation to create a more chiseled look. This requires a person to invest in multiple bottles or powders, which adds up. And we all know there are more valuable things to spend money on than makeup!
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It’s a more natural look
Because contouring involves several different shades of foundation or powder, it can result in a fake-looking, “made up” appearance. Nontouring, on the other hand, promotes a soft, radiant glow, which consequently looks more natural and we all love.
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