5 Tips For A Solid Oily Skin Routine   

5 Tips For A Solid Oily Skin Routine   

It’s easy to feel self-conscious when your skin is on the oily side of the spectrum. However, there are things that you can do to combat the oil and protect your skin from aging and environmental stress at the same time. Here are our favorite oily skin routine tips to create a solid skincare routine for oily skin.

Clean your skin both morning and night. Washing your face twice a day removes the pollutants and dirt that accumulate during the day and overnight. Those things can make oily skin worse, or lead to acne issues. Choose a cleanser made for oily skin.

Use an alcohol-free toner.  This is not a step you need to take daily. Toners work to balance the pH of the skin, and remove anything the cleanser might have left behind.

Exfoliate your skin.  Our thirdoily skin routine is exfoliating once or twice a week will help to unclog your pores. It will also help shed the dead skin cells that can clog the poresFive  and cause acne.   

Always use the right moisturizer. It may seem counterintuitive when you have oily skin, but that oil isn’t the same kind that moisturizes your skin. Also, although natural skincare is “in” right now, products with coconut oil and cocoa butter aren’t right for oily faces. Instead, choose an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin soft and healthy.

Use makeup designed for oily skin. Our final tip for a solid oily skin routine is to use makeup designed for your skin type. These are usually marketed as oil-free and will lessen the possibility of clogged pores and feel lighter on your skin.  

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