Our Favorite Beauty Blogs

Our Favorite Beauty Blogs

While we focus mostly on skin care, we also spend quite a bit of time looking at straightforward beauty blogs to learn about the hot new products specifically designed to enhance the foundation we seek to provide with the skin. These days, there is an exquisite abundance of great blogs focused on beauty, so the problem can actually be where to start. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few that keep us hooked and break them down below. beauty blog

At the risk of opening this piece all cliché-tastic, we have to say that we heart this particular blog, based in California, because of the deep dives into hot products and breezy writing style. Somehow the writers and editors strike the right balance between serving up style and substance. Luscious photos make you feel like you’re trying out the products yourself and the smooth copy also draws you in. You end up with an essential breakdown of what the products deliver (or don’t!) and even longer, deeper dives feel like quick, easy trips instead of a slog. Beyond beauty, weheartthis also offers some enjoyable DIY projects, delish recipes and some truly helpful gift guides.

hellodollface beauty blog


This isn’t a conventional beauty blog—but that’s just what we love about it. Hellodollface’s Cindy works in some really captivating fiction and nonfiction reviews along with her take on a variety of natural, organic beauty products. The latter is what drew us in because of our focus, and we were thrilled to see so many companies out there committed to offering sensational beauty solutions by going (and staying green). But then we also got hooked on the reviews—Cruel Beautiful World just made our Amazon shopping cart based on Cindy’s quick but engaging breakdown. Hellodollface’s visuals also keep us scrolling—the shots are always well-lit and showcase the products enough where you want to reach inside the shot to try them out directly

temptalia beauty and skincare site

Its name is perfect, considering that it offers practical, detailed reviews of an array of tempting products. The blog writers temper the deep visceral appeal of so many lush products out there with a real-world drill down of what it’s like to use them. So you get at the results, whether they’re good, bad or just “meh.” We also love the sales alerts plus the community faves feature, in which Temptalia community members also weigh in on the products they love and vote them up accordingly.

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This blog balances deeply delish beauty eye candy with detailed product reviews and breakdowns. The archive on the right makes for easy navigation to quickly see what’s being covered and her search bar also works quite well—something that can’t be said for a lot of blogs, trust us. Once you find what you’re looking for, blog creator Sabrina puts together nicely flowing posts that you can explore easily because of the way they’re put together. Overall, the site definitely has the feel of a fashion lookbook but with nice editorial heft as well.

Musings of a Muse beauty blog

Musings of a Muse

Besides the smooth writing and juicy visuals, what we love (or shall we say, adore) about this site is the superb organization. A quick scrolldown reveals all kinds of relevant categories for a deep beauty dive: Drugstore Makeup Brands, Mid-Range Makeup Brands and High-End Makeup Brands are all alphabetically organized so you can quickly see what blogger Isabella Muse has to say about them. You also can dive into recent reviews or see what’s been released for the spring or summer season. More importantly, Isabella is an active contributor to her comments section to help answer questions or provide more key details about products. And when you do start delving into posts, you notice that Isabella seems to try out each product extensively and writes from the direct consumer point of view—no fluff, just real down-to-earth trials so we learn what works, what doesn’t and why.

nomoredirtylooks beauty blog

No More Dirty Looks

This site uses staffers but still has the fun feel of a blog site run by an individual. Visually, we love all the vintage photos of famous beauties like Hedy Lamarr (also a groundbreaking inventor, by the way), Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and many non-famous but glam ladies from the past, all blended in nicely with well-shot modern model and product shots. No More Dirty Looks also has a cool content mix that includes reviews, tips to solve common problems, highlights of helpful beauty ingredients, DIY skincare recipes, beauty routines and more. Stylistically, despite having a team of writers, the posts all have a personal, light tone that keeps you scrolling after the stunning shots draw in your eye.

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Makeup and Beauty Blog

Maybe we’re being editorial nerds here, but what we like most about this blog are the opening lines to posts, like:

Led by Queen Karen, the bloggers have lots of fun exploring different kinds of products in a light, quirky but highly relatable style. The shots work well and we love the personal touches like posts authored by Karen’s cat Tabs or ones that feature her gorgeous daughter Connor Claire.


Overall, you almost feel like you’re talking over beauty options with friends, and that’s what keeps us coming back to this blog.

 my highest self beauty blogM

My Highest Self

Sure this blog is fun, but what also helps draw us to it is our envy of blogger Tina’s skin—she looks like she’s only heard of pimples in theory, as in something that happens to other people. But of course, we also enjoy the diversity as she skips across different topics, blending deep beauty dives into products and ingredients with engaging health and lifestyle pieces. We also appreciate her product picks (ahem!), which are different from what we see in other blogs and with interesting twists in how she structures her pieces.

Overall, seeing such beautifully executed beauty blogs makes us glad we do ours as a bit of added value for our customers and so we don’t have to compete with these ladies for clicks.

What’s your favorite beauty blog? Let us know in the comments below!

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