How Do I Pick The Right Skincare For My Skin Type?

How Do I Pick The Right Skincare For My Skin Type?

What works great for some may cause you to break out or irritate your skin. So at some point in our late 20s, we all wonder… what’s the right skincare for my skin type? That’s why it’s important to understand your skin type and the skincare that best suits it.

10 Tips to Find The Right Skincare For My Skin Type

Talk to a Pro

It’s not just that how skin types are defined can vary—it’s also that you may have other skin conditions like rosacea or acne or eczema that can make you have different skin types at different times or affect things in other ways. So it’s best to have a dermatologist evaluate your skin and give you some general ideas for avoiding problems and making improvements.

Oily Skin

Stay away from petroleum jelly, mineral oil, alcohol or sodium sulfate. Also watch out for isopropyl palmitate, an emollient that can clog pores. Instead, focus on oil-free ingredients (look for dimethicone in the ingredients list) or hyaluronic acid, an excellent moisturizer. Also, try a skin wash with glycolic acid, which can help reduce excess oil and clogged pores. You may want to also pass on toners, because they generally contain alcohol that get rid of water in the skin and make it look dull.

Combination Skin

What an annoying duo: dry spots over here and oily ones over there! The best rule of thumb is to focus on different areas with specific problems and treat them accordingly. This means a lotion or cream moisturizer to the dry spots of your face, with an oil-free product for the oily areas. 
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Dry Skin

Retinoids can be too harsh despite their benefits. Alcohol is another problem ingredient, as are products loaded with fragrances, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide—they make dry skin worse. Instead look for moisturizers that contain glycerin, plant oils, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Normal Skin

Lucky you! No major problems, but watch out for mineral oil and petrolatum because they can clog pores. In terms of alcohol types, watch out for SD alcohol 40, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol—these all dry out the skin.

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