Sex May Be The Best Kept Skincare Secret Ever (5 Reasons Why)

Sex May Be The Best Kept Skincare Secret Ever (5 Reasons Why)

Could a healthier sex life replace all your anti-aging creams and serums? Well… not exactly. But the skincare benefits of sex are so huge, some experts believe it may be the best kept skincare secret of all times. Keep reading our four reasons why you should be having more sex, for better skin:

#1 Sex Reduces Wrinkles

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone has been linked to wrinkles. Practicing regular sex is a great way to manage stress and hence keep those cortisol levels low. On top of that, every orgasm releases estrogen which promotes collagen production and translates into softer laughter lines and wrinkles. More sex, and less stress, have also been proven to help us sleep better. And you know what they say about the importance of taking your beauty sleep.

#2 Sex Gives Your Skin That Glow

Similar to working out, sex increases blood flow in our bodies, causing a youthful flush in our cheeks. It also helps us sweat out toxins and releases the anti-aging hormone called oxytocin, which results in one of the top tell tale signs of sex: that skin glow.

#3 Sex Prevents Dry Skin

Another skincare benefit of having a satisfying sex life, is that it boosts estrogen levels, which in turn improve skin elasticity and moisture. Of course, if you’re serious about a smoother softer complexion, this never means skipping your daily serum + moisturiser combo.

#4 Sex Clears Out Acne

You probably never thought an acne treatment could be so enjoyable. But experts say that to fight pimples, zits, and blemishes, you may be missing some quality time in the bedroom. Sex boosts anti-inflammatory molecules that help treat acne breakouts.

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#5 Sex Makes You Feel and Look Better

Having sex boosts the production of serotonin ( a.k.a. the happy hormone ). You immediately start feeling more positive, which improves your overall health and makes you smile more. Smiling and feeling good about yourself instantly makes you more attractive and distracts the human eye from any minor skin imperfections you may have.

Now, time to update your skincare routine accordingly!  Take it to the next level, enjoy it and stay safe.

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