The 8 Most Stunning Celebs without Makeup

The 8 Most Stunning Celebs without Makeup

It’s no secret that celebrities invest heavily in their images, since it’s one of their biggest assets. Their glam squads are way ahead of us in understanding that great-looking skin—coupled with the right skincare products—will enhance natural beauty and reduce the time needed to get camera-ready. 

They say it’s the canvas for any great makeup look…and we believe they’re right about that!  Even-toned, soft and healthy skin is the foundation of any glamorous transformation.  Instead of covering up little flaws with more and more makeup, celebrity cosmetologists, image consultants and makeup artists recommend addressing every one of these symptoms by continuously making little tweaks to one’s skincare routine.

Despite all this beauty expert advice, some celebs get it right and some can’t leave the house without makeup.

Here’s our list of the top 8 celebs that have gotten their skincare routine on point and look stunning, remain confident and ready to strike a pose…even with no makeup on!

  1. Jennifer Lopez 
    The “JLo glow” was named after her for a reason. The actress and singer has stunned us, over and over again, with radiant, flawless skin on every single red carpet event.She’s glowing…and she knows it! The 46-year-old Latin beauty sure feels confident enough with her bare skin to publish several selfies of herself on her Instagram account.  
IG: @jlo

Harlee and Nava #shadesofblue #askjlo @ginoanthonypesi

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  1. Rhianna
    She always has the perfect style and takes our breath away on every one of her music videos. But the fans of this 28-year-old singer and songwriter were curious to know how she looks without makeup. Here’s her latest no-makeup Instagram post revealing that Rhianna is not only talented but a true natural beauty. Jealous?

    she bored

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  1. Heidi Klum 
    At 42, the German supermodel and former Sports Illustrated bombshell shows off her firm, pore-free and even toned bare skin with pride. She is known to be very strict when it comes to her diet and skincare routine and learned early on in her career to stay away from the sun…and it sure paid off!

    Lets get this party started !! #heidihalloween #heidiklumhalloween ????????

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  1. Katherine Heigl
    Katherine is also not shy about going makeup-free in public!  She lately joined this celebrity trend to post no-makeup selfies on Instagram. The 37-year-old actress is famous for her role as Izzy on Gray’s Anatomy and fresh-faced beauty. But we suspect the secret to her flawless complexion is all about great genes. And the proof of this is the stunning woman posing right next to her in this same picture: her mother Nancy!
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IG: @katherineheigl

  1. Candice Swanepoel  
    You’re not surprised that a Victoria’s Secret Angel would made our list, are you? At 27, Candice is one of the highest-paid supermodels in the world—and this is how this stunning South African beauty looks after a long flight. The secrets behind her healthy-looking skin? Eating a balanced diet and working out…a lot! IG: @angelcandices

Grumpy Morning face ☹️? bonjour Paris ?

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  1. Kate Hudson 
    The 37 year old actress surprised all of her Instagram fans when she posted this no-makeup shot. She was showing off her new earrings, but all her fans kept raving about was the radiance of her perfect skin. Looks like Kate takes hydration and moisturizing very seriously and results truly speak for themselves. IG: @katehudson

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow
    We all know she’s perfect. But Gwyneth’s fans have lately been praising her extreme honesty when she revealed this makeup transformation with “before” and “after” Instagrams. At 43, the multiple award-winning actress is looking naturally stunning without makeup. Her disciplined gluten-free diet and exercise routine have translated into an ageless even-toned skin—and that’s why we couldn’t help but include her on our ranking. IG: @gwynethpaltrow

    day-to-night. I nominate @amandadecadenet to share her most glamorous transformation. #GlamJan #sp @maxfactor

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  1. Hilary Duff
    The 28-year-old actress is known for her naturally beautiful complexion and she’s confident about showing it to the world. Hillary devotes a lot of time into trying lots of skincare products, including a series of face oils, to keep her skin looking both moisturized and completely blemish free. IG: @hilaryduff Instagram 

Relaxed thursday vibes #redwine #asleepby10 ? pwease

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