4 Ways to Fight Uneven Skin Tone

4 Ways to Fight Uneven Skin Tone
Do you panic at the idea of leaving the house without foundation? Chances are your main skin concern is an uneven complexion. But it doesn’t have to be. You can protect and improve your skin’s appearance. Also known as dark spots, age spots, dark spots or brown masks, an uneven skin tone is often times more aging than wrinkles. Melanin overproduction can stem from a wide range of factors such as sun exposure, hormonal changes and inflammation due to acne scarring. But what should you do if the damage is already done?

#1 Honey and Yogurt Face Masks
When it comes to softening hyperpigmented areas of your skin, the first approach is to give natural and gentle home remedies a shot. Honey has been used for ages in homemade masks to exfoliate dead skin cells, lighten the skin and help vanish dark spots and acne scars. Yogurt’s lactic acid is also known to lighten dark areas.

#2 Bleaching Creams
Dark patches can be treated and brightened using both over-the-counter and prescription serums and creams containing different bleaching ingredients. In terms of corrective skincare and skin-lightening prescription solutions, up until recently hydroquinone had been widely used. But recent animal studies have shown it can actually increase the risk of dermatitis and even damage skin if not used with caution and in low concentrations. Severe skin pigmentation may require more powerful skin lighteners such as retinoic acid. Retin-A is preferred by some dermatologists due to its double benefit of removing and preventing dark spots. Over-the-counter cosmetic skincare with Vitamin C may be a gentler alternative. However, before starting any lightening treatment it is always wise to check with your dermatologist which bleaching cream is right for your skin.

#3 Peels
Chemical peels aim at removing the top layers of the skin with a chemical solution. These top layers are the ones with more damage, so the treatment smooths away roughness and renews skin cells, resulting in softer, more even-toned skin. Although peels are known to be more invasive than topical bleaching creams, different intensities exist. More superficial chemical peels may cause a slightly uncomfortable tingling sensation during the treatment and skin may feel sensitive after, but only for a short period of time.

#4 Laser
Although certainly one step further into the invasive treatment zone, laser technology has evolved to become an effective medical treatment for severe uneven skin tone. A laser is a focused beam of light with intense rays that can target any discolorations or hyperpigmented areas and destroy its pigment. Superficial laser treatments may not require numbing while deeper ones may use topical or short acting anesthetics. In both cases, this treatment should not be taken lightly.

Stay alert this summer! It is the best time to focus on preventing uneven skin tone. And remember to plan ahead and book a visit to your dermatologist to treat hyperpigmentation during the winter months. Using a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen and staying away from the sun are the best prevention for uneven skin tone all year round, especially during any brightening treatment you choose.

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