6 Skincare Don’ts You’re Probably Doing

6 Skincare Don’ts You’re Probably Doing
You have a skincare routine. You’re buying great products. You’re getting expensive weekly facials. Excellent! But despite that, you’re probably doing a few things wrong withut evening knowing it. Here are 6 common mistakes that many of us make.
#1 DON’T Overdo Rich Moisturizers
When it comes to moisturizing, a frequent mistake is to choose the richer alternatives. Rich formulations may create a thick layer that clogs your pores and causes pimples. Heavier moisturizers are also harder for the skin to absorb. So lighten up and go with one appropriate for your skin type.
#2 DON’T Use Rough Scrubs or Scrub too Often
It can’t be stressed enough: our skin is a fragile organ. Over-exfoliating, especially when using harsh mechanical exfoliating agents, may cause some serious irritation and puffiness with your skin. Don’t exfoliate every single day without giving it some thought. Instead, look closely and pay attention to your skin. It will let you know what it needs. Until you find the right frequency, the best tip is to pick a gentle exfoliator. For instance, one with smaller grains. Start exfoliating only once a week and then increase your frequency from there as fit.

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#3 DON’T Massage Your Skin in Circular Motions
Over-massaging, especially in circular motions, will cause your skin to drag and do nothing at all for your face muscles. Instead, be gentle and brief and only massage in diagonal strokes upwards from your cheekbones, which is the natural way your muscles are arranged. This will work with them to help tighten, lift and firm your skin.
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#4 DON’T Take Hot Showers
You may find them extra relaxing, or much needed during winter time. In any case, you are damaging your skin without realizing it. Hot, steamy showers rapidly clear away natural oils from your skin. By simply switching to a warm and quicker 5-10 minute shower once a day you will be making a huge difference in protecting your skin.
#5 DON’T Forget To Moisturize While Your Skin Is Still Wet
After your warm shower, don’t forget to pad your face gently with a clean towel and quickly moisturize while your skin is still slightly wet. This easy step in your routine will do wonders to help lock in that extra moisture and make your face feel fresh and comfortable for a longer time.
#6 DON’T Collect Your Skincare Products Forever
You hit the jackpot and found an amazing serum that is just for you! You may be tempted to —we get it—but please don’t buy a whole bunch at a time. Preferably, finish each one before you get a new one. Products have a certain lifespan, which means with time they stop performing as well as they used to. As a general rule, get rid of any skincare products that have been around (open or closed) for 1 year or older.
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