7 Quick Hacks for Puffy Eyes

7 Quick Hacks for Puffy Eyes
Puffy eyes are nothing but inflammation and water accumulation around the eyes. Causes may be multiple, but our feelings towards them is just one: we hate them! They simply age us and make us look tired all the time. However, if you have puffy eyes you are definitely not alone. Women have struggled with puffy eyes for ages and, hence, there’s a lot we have learned. Here are 7 easy tricks and home remedies to reduce swelling around the eyes:

#1 Tea Bags
Tea happens to be a natural mild diuretic. Models have used them for a very long time to eliminate the excess of water accumulated around the eyes before a photoshoot or a runway show. All you need to do is soak two tea bags in warm water, let them cool down in the refrigerator and apply them on top of your eyelids for 5-10 minutes.

#2 Cucumber
No, it’s not a myth! They’re naturally cool and a great source of vitamin C. This proven method to get rid of puffy eyes will additionally make you feel pampered and relaxed. It’s super quick! Just keep cucumbers in your shopping list, and when you wake up with swollen eyes, slice the cucumber and let the slices do all the work while they sit on your eyes.

#3 Potato Slices
Who would have guessed it, but it turns out that corn starch present in potato has amazing anti-inflammatory properties! Hack those swollen lids and eye bags by applying a clean cloth containing grated potato over your eyes for 10-15 minutes every day.

#4 Cotton Pads with Iced Water
Cold water is known for its swelling reduction powers. When you accidentally hit yourself against something, first thing that comes to your mind while looking at that bump is: ICE. That’s why our fourth way to hack puffy eyes is to soak cotton pads in iced water and apply them over your eyes to decongest the area.

#5 Cold Spoon
If you tend to wake up with puffy eyes every morning – or almost – leave 2 metal tablespoons in the fridge every evening, and place the backs against your eyes for 5-20 minutes every morning. Just like cold water, low temperature in the inflamed area will help reduce the water concentrated in it that’s causing the swelling.

#6 Emergency Antihistamines
Allergies can cause inflammation and swelling. If this sounds like you, visit your doctor. Unexpectedly swollen eyes may be a sign of a medical condition and he may prescribe some eye drops or antihistamines. Take them in your purse, if your eyes tend to become puffy all of a sudden and without warning or put them in your night stand and apply first thing in the morning or before leaving to an event.

#7 Eye Cream and Concealer
Few people know how puffy eyes should be concealed. You’re about to become one of them. Pick an eye cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients—such as caffeine—that will constrict blood vessels and apply to your eye bags. Then use concealer to brighten the shadows below your bags. This will work wonders making them appear smaller and more even with the rest of your skin.

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