8 Inside-Out Ways to Erase Dark Circles

8 Inside-Out Ways to Erase Dark Circles
We get it: dark circles make you look tired, sick and lower your self-esteem. What to do when sleeping is just not enough to make them go away? Do NOT panic. There is still hope! Here are 8 easy inside-out tips you can try:

1. INSIDE: Hydrate
Fatigue is not the only cause of those undereye shadows. The dermis is made up of 80% water. As such, a dry face is more prone to dark circles. Keep your body and skin moisturized from the inside-out by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day and reducing your sodium intake.

2. OUTSIDE: Use a Collagen-Building Eye Cream
When dark circles are caused by thin under-eye skin—which makes your blood vessels in this area more visible—consider adding a collagen building eye cream to your skincare routine. This will help remove dark circles by thickening this very sensitive skin area. Try a specially formulated eye cream in the morning and evening to help increase collagen, strengthen this delicate area of your skin and improve its elasticity.

3. INSIDE: Eat Gluten-Free
Allergy-induced dark circles? Of all food allergies, gluten intolerance is the one that’s more frequently linked to dark circles around the eyes. If puffy eyelids are causing your dark circles, this diet may be just for you. It is anti-inflammatory which means it will make your skin less vulnerable to inflammation, helping you erase dark circles naturally. There’s a gluten-free substitute for just about any food you can imagine, so no excuses please!

4. OUTSIDE: Use Gold Masks
Use gold masks to depuff your eyelids and nourish the sensitive skin under your eyes from the outside. Pure 24K gold can help soothe and equalize the most delicate areas of your skin.

Check out the Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Eye Mask from Adore Cosmetics featured in Martha Stewart Weddings as a must-have product to treat dark circles and puffy eyes before your wedding (slide #15).

5. INSIDE: Include Foods Rich in Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which aids in the repair of damaged tissue and collagen production. Get your daily dose with supplements or better yet, naturally, by eating spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, oranges, lemons and limes.

6. OUTSIDE: Pick Skincare Products with Vitamin C
If your dark circles are due to UV damage, use skincare products containing Vitamin C. These have proven to be the most effective skin lighteners available. Apply locally to correct excess melanin production and even out the skin tone.

7. INSIDE: Avoid Stimulants such as Alcohol and Tobacco
Alcohol causes dehydration of your skin and the skin around your eyes is particularly delicate… so don’t overdo it! Want yet another reason to quit smoking? Tobacco causes vascular problems, which are one of the possible causes of dark circles.

8. OUTSIDE: If All Else Fails, Camouflage Them
Sure, why not? You may not be able to figure out their main cause, but you can still brighten up your dark circles with concealer for an instant confidence boost! The trick is to pick the right shade for you. Don’t go more than one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Yellow tones under your eyes? Pick purple concealer. Ruddy tones? Green pigmented concealers will neutralize them. If your dark circles are slightly purple or blueish, a yellow shade of concealer does the double-trick to cancel out the red while warming up cool undertones.
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