4 Ways to Minimize Pores (the Big Ones)

4 Ways to Minimize Pores (the Big Ones)
Big pores are a problem for lots of us, and as we know, they can ruin our whole look no matter how well we do our makeup. Fortunately, there are some smart skincare strategies to get things under control and minimize pores.

Before we get started through, let’s kick off things with a dose of reality. Pore size is genetically determined and impossible to shrink, so we really can’t actually take them from a size 10 to a size 2, not even with surgery. That said, a number of options can help minimize pores’ appearance so as to help your skin look better overall.

4 Ways to Minimize Pores (the Big Ones)

#1 Cleaning and Exfoliating
A gentle, alcohol-free cleanser used twice a day gets out the general gunk, while exfoliating twice a week (more will dry out your skin) helps unplug pores, which can be enlarged by grease and dirt. Go for a gel with AHAs or BHAs while ensuring you use sunscreens, since these fruit acids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.
#2 Tone Them Up
Toners can be very drying, so choose them carefully, looking for products that have cell-communicating ingredients like niacinamide, peptides and adenoside triphosphate but absolutely no alcohol, skincare researchers at Adore Cosmetics recommend. The right toner can cut down on the cloggy stuff that makes pores look bigger, while the cell communicators help skin cells behave like normal, healthy skin cells.
#3 Extract Yourself
Don’t squeeze blackheads—that will just make things worse, according to Adore Cosmetics researchers. But if you learn how to use a comedone extractor (ask your doctor for best results), you can get rid of blackheads and minimize pores’ appearance.

FYI a comedone extractor is a tool used to remove blemishes, including blackheads, often used by estheticians and dermatologists during facial treatments.
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#4 Step It Up
Sometimes an over-the-counter exfoliant won’t do it. But a dermatologist can help with an in-office peel or a prescribed exfoliant with more power. A nonablative laser can be a bit pricier ($500 per treatment), but it’s another good option to minimize pores.
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