Oily Skin Solvers

Oily Skin Solvers

Oily skin can be a pain, and sometimes a bit embarrassing. But hey, look at the bright side: girls with oily skin are less prone to wrinkles! That said, you still need to figure out how to manage your skin’s oiliness without messing up its benefits. Here are some tips to consider.

#1 Cleansers
The more you wash your face, the more you’ll be stripping it from its natural oils and triggering sebum overproduction to compensate. So keep it clean, of course, but don’t obsess. Cleanse it every morning and every night, but don’t overdo it! For oily skin, it’s better to use a gentle water-soluble, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free cleanser.

#2 Toners
Toners were conceived to be used right after cleansing with the goal to restore PH balance and repair the skin’s surface. Stay away from alcohol-based toners or those containing fragrant extracts, they will do nothing for you except irritate your precious skin. Instead, pick a water based formula with antioxidants.

#3 Moisturizers
Many people with oily skin make the huge mistake of firing moisturizer from their skincare routine. Never, ever, ever do this! Proper hydration will actually help you balance your skin’s sebum production. Best tip would be to try different light, gel or foam moisturizers until you meet your true match!

#4 Mattifying Lotions
For days when you need that extra something, a light fast absorbing lotion specifically designed to mattify shine will come in handy. This will help you control excess oil for a flawlessly clean look.

#5 Blotting Paper
You never know when your oily skin can surprise you with an extraordinary oil overproduction. But when you have an oily skin type, you need to be prepared to handle it gracefully. Chin up girl! Wherever you are, find the nearest mirror and grab that blotting paper you should be keeping in your purse for times like this, and quickly remove that excess oil.

#6 Oil-Free Sunscreen
Simply put, sunscreen is always a must for everyone regardless of their skin type. That said, if you have oily skin, it is important to stay away from thick and heavy ones that may actually end up obstructing your pores.

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#7 Powder Foundations
When you have oily skin, this should determine what type of foundation you choose. Afterall, it will sit on your face every day and even longer than your skincare products! Oil free and non comedogenic pressed powder or mineral based foundations will help you regulate shine throughout the day a lot better than cream foundations and give you that matte finish you’re dreaming of.

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