The Triangle of Death: Could Popping a Pimple Actually Kill You?

The Triangle of Death: Could Popping a Pimple Actually Kill You?

Why are we so driven to pop pimples?  We all know we’re not supposed to. It can cause scarring and infections on our skin that aggravate acne. Still, we give in to the temptation of the forbidden…. and squeeze that zit. But have you heard of the triangle of death?

Your personal grooming habits could put you in high risk of developing a severe life-threatening brain infection. Here’s what you need to know.

The Triangle of Death: Could Popping a Pimple Actually Kill You?

After reading Dr. Mehmet Oz’s stand on this topic, and realizing what’s in stake here – trust us – we will all start thinking it twice about going for that pimple in the infamous “triangle of death”. 

You pick in that area, that triangle of death, you have a risk of that infection transcending the skin and going up to your brain,” warned the host of The Dr. Oz Show.

In spite of its funny horror movie name, it looks like not taking this area seriously could actually be a matter of life and death. The triangle of death is a triangular area that begins at the top of the nose and spreads down the nose until the corners of your upper lip.

Blood vessels in this area connect to your brain. If you pop a zit in that “triangle of death” on your face, it’s possible — although unlikely (but why risk it?) — that blood vessels there could carry an infection to the central nervous system with potential risk of vision loss, paralysis, or even death. 

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Don’t believe Dr. Oz? (We understand.) According to Wikipedia, it’s legit. while the disorder has become more rare with the invention of antibiotics, it is still associated with an increased risk of death. Treatment includes aggressive antibiotic therapy and blood thinners.

If you need some quick fixes for acne, the best thing you can do is make the habit of using some anti-bacterial essential oils like tea tree as spot treatments, instead of popping your pimples in the triangle of death. So next time you break out in this area, be sure to treat and conceal but – whatever you do – leave pimples in this area unpopped, no matter what your age.

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