3 Ways Plant Stem Cells Fight Skin Aging

3 Ways Plant Stem Cells Fight Skin Aging
1Improve wrinkles
2increase skin resistance
3stop cells with damaged DNA

Plant stem cells are the subject of a lot of buzz in the skincare world, and for good reason… They can have a profound anti-aging effect on the skin. But what are plant stem cells, and just how do they work?

Similar to human stem cells, plant stem cells are basically “unprogrammed,” which means they can become any type of cell found in a given plant. But there is one major difference between these cells: Plant stem cells—which are found in organic fruits like certain types of apples—do not age. Another key differentiation involves the role stem cells play in plants, which does not apply to humans. Since plants can’t exactly run away from danger, their stem cells help them defend themselves against environmental stress (the same kind of stress that causes premature aging in humans). Scientists have been able to isolate two hormones that give plant stem cells this ability, and the theory is that these hormones can have the same effect on human skin. So here are 3 scientifically proven ways that plant stem cells fight skin aging.

1). Plant stem cells are proven improve wrinkles
Wrinkles are a main target of any anti-aging regimen, so no one wants to waste their time using products or ingredients that aren’t going to help improve their appearance. So if you stop reading this article now, at least you know that this study proved that plant stem cells do indeed smooth fine lines and furrows.

2). Plant stem cells may increase your skin’s resistance to sun damage
One of the biggest sources of skin damage is the sun. This research shows that the antioxidant compounds found in grape seeds and their stem cells most definitely protects the skin from the free-radical damage caused by sun exposure.

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3). Plant stem cells prevent cells with damaged DNA from reproducing
This 2009 study shows how the stem cells found in the growing tips of plant roots and shoots have a built-in mechanism that causes a cell to die if its DNA is damaged, hence preventing the production of more damaged cells. What does this mean for your skin? Damaged cells lead to compromised collagen, discoloration and even skin cancer—and no one wants these around. In theory, plant stem cells may help “weed” out damaged cells in human skin as well.

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