How Oxygen Helps Your Skin—and Doesn’t

How Oxygen Helps Your Skin—and Doesn’t
1Promotes skin healing?
2Boosts radiance?
3Minimizes acne?
4Fights free radicals?
5Do all O2 products work?

Odds are you’ve heard a bit about oxygen and the skin. From Madonna’s oxygen facial obsession to masks, moisturizers and even foundations that deliver extra O2, is this all hot air? Before we delve into what extra oxygen can and cannot do for your skin, remember that our blood delivers oxygen to each and every cell as it circulates throughout our bodies. But as with most other natural processes and functions, our bodies’ ability to take oxygen from the environment and transport it to the cells diminishes with age. So can supplementing the skin with oxygen make a visible difference in your complexion? That’s what we explore below.

True or false: Does Oxygen Promote Skin Healing?

True.Cells are cells, whether within the skin, your bicep muscle or your heart—and cells need oxygen to function. In terms of healing, there’s a reason why hospital patients with severe burns are put in a hyperbaric chamber (which saturates the body with extra oxygen), and why those who are ill or compromised are given oxygen to breathe.

True or false: Does Oxygen Boost Skin Radiance?

True.The air we breathe only contains about 20% oxygen, and that can be even less if you live in a city with air pollution. When the skin doesn’t get adequate oxygen from the environment, skin cells don’t perform at optimal levels. Skincare products with oxygen help the skin do its job better and more efficiently, which results in a radiant glow. Case in point: Exercise increases oxygen levels in the body, and everyone has a healthy flush after a good workout!

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True or false: Does Oxygen Minimize Acne?

True.While our cells need oxygen to survive, 02 is actually toxic to bacteria, including the P. acnes bacteria that cause acne. Less P. acnes bacteria on the skin means less chance of breakouts.

True or false: Does Oxygen Fight Free Radicals?

False.When our cells use oxygen to perform their essential functions, a process called oxidation takes place. (An example is how an apple turns brown after it’s cut.) Oxidation produces free radicals that can damage the skin over time, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and loss of elasticity. To reap the benefits of oxygen skincare and avoid the potential free radical damage, be sure to supplement your skin with antioxidants.

True or false: Do All Oxygen Products Work?

False.It’s not easy to get a gas like oxygen into a cream and keep it there (and effective) until it’s applied to the skin. It takes advanced science and proper packaging to prevent oxygen from dispersing into the air and maintain its ability to nourish cells once it arrives at its final destination (i.e. your face).

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