Are Sugar Scrubs Good?

Are Sugar Scrubs Good?

Skincare companies have looked into new ways to enhance their body and face in recent years. It turns out that sugar scrubs have a lot of benefits for the skin. 

Here are some reasons to consider sugar scrubs for your beauty routine:

#1 It’s Great for Exfoliating

The natural grainy texture of sugar makes it an excellent choice for exfoliating. And it even comes in different textures depending on your needs. The softer texture of brown sugar the better for the face. While grainy white sugar can work wonders on the body.

#2 It Has the Right Ingredients

Sugar naturally contains glycolic acid, which you’ll often have to spend big bucks on in other skincare products. Glycolic acid plays a pivotal role in moisturizing the skin and providing a barrier to harmful toxins.

#3 It Pairs Well with Coffee

This tandem goes great together in the morning, and the pairing works equally well in your skincare and beauty products, too. Coffee packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and caffeine to refresh and renew your face, while brown sugar exfoliates and relaxes your skin.

A great alternative to try is the Adore Cosmetics Nature Phenomenon Body Peeling Scrub. Stem cells harvested from organic produce, which is generally richer in nutrients than mass-harvested fruits and vegetables found in most supermarkets, have a profound impact on our skin. Using the patented plant stem cell formula, Adore Cosmetics products take advantage of the epigenetic factors of resilient plant stem cells.

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